Tasting Room Tap List

Sammy IPA

Sammy, our oldest, is a lover of all things floral and sweet, and this beer is no exception. Lemon drop hops contribute a citrusy, candy-like note while the pilsner malt gives it a lager-like sweetness.

7.5% ABV

Who’s on First Hazy IPA

With honey malt on the nose and a smooth body, our latest hazy IPA features Citra, El Dorado, and jIdaho 7 hops. A touch of citrus leads to a floral, earthy finish.

6.4% ABV

Pennsyltucky Lager

This smooth Vienna style lager is inspired by the brewing styles of Central Pennsylvania. Caramunich malt gives this classic style a nice, roasty flavor while the Cluster Hops provide a little bite and a touch of earthy bitterness. 

4.8% ABV

Liquid Swords 17th Chamber

This is the 17th installment of our chamber series, which means we’re going big. The magnum and lemon drop hops bring a serious sweetness, while the malt provides balance. 

7.5% ABV

Reese IPA

The Amarillo hops gives this beer a very sweet citrus flavor and aroma reminiscent of oranges. The citrus character is backed by some light floral notes as well as melon and peaches, while the Idaho-7 hops add tropical and stone fruit.

6.1% ABV