Sammy IPA

Sammy, our oldest, is a lover of all things floral and sweet, and this beer is no exception. The lemon drop hops contribute to the citrusy, candy-like notes while the pilsner base malt gives it a lager-like sweetness. This is the kind of beer (and kid!) you want to hang out with all day! 

Molly IPA

This beer carries the namesake of our middle child, and her personality is reflected well! The grapefruit is known for its sweet and bitter flavor profile, and you will taste that in this beer. And just like our Molly, it packs a punch!


You guessed it! Our son needed a SMaSH! Ben is happiest when he has something to smash, and we are happy to drink it! This single malt, single hop beer is made with Idaho 7 hops...hence the apricot and orange undertones, while the Belgian two row malt brings a welcome complexity. This beer is light tan in color and carries a bold, malt flavor, reminiscent of a Belgian draft horse.

Kelly Rye Triple IPA

This is the mother of all triple IPAs. When you take the best of the Sammy, Molly, and Ben (the hops, of course!), you end up with something amazing. The blend of Lemon Drop, Pekko, and El Dorado hops results in a big fruit bomb that covers the high ABV nicely. Make no mistake, it may taste like a double but it's definitely a triple.

Hawthorne Coffee Milk Stout

We've got some of the best coffee roasters in Olympia, so why not combine the best of both worlds? Firefly Coffee Roaster worked with us to develop a roast specifically used for our beer. The Hawthorne roast is cold brewed into a toddy that is rich and velvety. Add it to our milk stout and you've got a creamy sweetness with a smooth coffee malt taste. Perfection in a glass!  Don't be can have more than one (or two or three) thanks to the low ABV.

Pennsyltucky Lager 

We modeled this smooth Vienna Lager after the lager from the Yuengling Brewery in Pennsylvania, the oldest brewery in the U.S. It’s heavy on the caramunich malt, giving it a slight roasty taste around the middle. A light, flavorful beer that you can drink all day.

Strawberry Blonde 

Not as fruity as you would expect, even with 265 lbs. of strawberry puree in every batch! This beer gets its bitterness from the Tettnanger hops while the Belma hops showcase aromas of melon and grapefruit. A dry, crisp, summertime favorite! 

Rhythm and Rye IPA

A nod to our favorite Olympia music venue, this beer is a dynamic Rye IPA. Andy, the owner of Rhythm and Rye, has given Olympia's performers a great venue and us a chance to showcase our beer. You will taste the flavor notes of watermelon candy from the El Dorado hops and a bit of malt spice from the rye. It is bitter with a bold and fruity aroma. 

 Craftsman Copper Ale

Named for one of Olympia's most colorful people, Jim Davies is the inspiration behind this beer. Brewed with traditional English malt and hops, it's an English amber beer that goes great with a shot of rye. Every time we brew it, a keg is donated to the Olympia Film Society where you can find Jim's wife bringing some great films and music to our town.

Liquid Swords 4th Chamber 

The fourth beer in our Liquid Swords IPA series, the 4th Chamber is a blend of Centenniel, Citra, and Pekko hops. 

Hans Gruber Wheat 

This refreshing summertime favorite uses Spalter hops with Pilsner and wheat for the grain. Lighter than a Hefeweizen, this beer is crisp with a malty sweet finish- perfect with a squeeze of citrus!

Citrasaurus Double IPA

Citrasaurus Double IPA - This double IPA is smooth and goes down easy. It's heavy on Citra hops and uses honey malt to bring a sweetness that plays on the tropical and citrus fruit flavors. 


Collin James Irish Red

This crushable beer is a toast to the real Collin James (Kelly’s brother) who resides in New Jersey. This classic Irish style is full flavored with a crispness that ends in a malty sweet finish.