2017 Community Supported Brewery Membership

Support a local brewery and reap the rewards! The Community-Supported Brewery model loosely follows that of the Community-Supported Agriculture (or CSA), where members pay the farmer in advance for goods they will receive throughout the year. We will do the same, but forget the veggies! You’ll receive beer! 


How it works.

The CSB is $175 for a membership. In return, you will receive:

·      One limited edition Triceratops growler. We firmly believe you can never have too many growlers.

·      A full growler…12 times. Bring your growler (any 64 oz. one will work) and we will fill it for you once per                 month. You have 18 months to get your 12 fills...we know life can get crazy and you can't always make it in! You can select any beer we have available at our taproom, approximate retail value: $15.


*Look for the CSB to renew annually. 

Thank you for being a part of our dream! Community is key to our success and we are proud to be a part of it. We look forward to seeing you across the bar! 

The Fine Print:
You may only redeem one growler fill per month, please. Memberships are good for 18 months, so if you are unable to redeem one month, come on in the following month. .